Sober Souls Ranch

Sober Souls Ranch

A Structured Sober living Home

A place to begin your addiction recovery path, meet like minded people who are determined to follow the recovery journey from drugs & alcohol.

Heal, learn, grow & reconnect with the world.

“Freedom is not obtained by getting what you desire, but by controlling your desires”.


Recovery starts with a decision

Addiction recovery is not an easy path, but is a path worth walking when you learn to see the things in life worth living for.

Our program

To get the whole picture, you must put all the pieces together

A good life, is based on good desicions,  at our sober living, you can learn about all the pieces you must assemble to get your life together.

Fairness, order & balance

Following house rules are an essential aspect of an addict’s recovery process, learing to be able to follow basic rules in a social environment, is a primordial element of reintegration to society.

Having to follow rules, helps recovering addicts to minimize distractions and triggers so they can focus on their recovery, but it is also essential to learn how to respect boundaries, and people around them, integrating the principle of following rules into their own life gives them a tool to stay on the right track to recovery.

The tool to reshape your life

Daily tasks, weekly meetings, and managed medication administration, helps guests to shape a disciplined attitude towards essential things in life.

Over time, people learn to identify behavior patterns, and correlate their actions with that behavior, so they can find ways to change those patterns.

Living in a structured environment helps regulate behavior patterns, and opens the way for a better change through the embrace of discipline.

What you do matters

Every guest at Sober Souls Ranch learns how responsiblity is a key element for a good, and fulfilling life.

Learning how to be a responsible person can help with personal growth, but is also the first step in the 12 step recovery program, accepting addiction, take ownership, and make the conscious decision to do something about it.

Failure is a source of growth

Everyone understands that decisions are personal, but having an active group of people who keep each other accountable for those decisions, helps all guest feel supported to stay in the right path.

Accepting mistakes, and learning to take accountability for your actions, and how to amend them, is part of our culture, and the recovery process.

Friendship & support

All guests at Sober Souls Ranch are on the same journey, just at different stages.

Guests at our facility are encouraged to share their experiences with others that are on the same path to recovery during our meetings,.

Guest of our Sober Living have the opportunity to listen to others, gain perspective, create social connections, and most importantly, create a sense of belonging that is essential to reconnect with the world.

Keeping you on-track to sobriety

How we make sure you stay on the path to sobriety

  • 12 Step Program meetings

    Held once a week, we cover the 12-step program, and share group experiences

  • Medication monitoring

    We monitor your medication intake as prescribed by your doctor to ensure you stay on-track

  • Urinalysis

    We perform random and as necessary testing on-site to ensure you stay on the right path

  • On-site staff

    Our on-site staff helps you keep your head on straight and aligned with your goals

Our House amenities

Learning how to work, play & live life without substances.

We provide spacious and comfortable living areas to relax, a large backyard with an outdoor seating area to enjoy the outside, and desks to work & connect
give our guests the space to work, relax, play, study & focus on their recovery.

Watch movies, tv shows & news

Every bedroom is equipped wtih a TV, as well as the main living-room, Guests can enjoy watching TV or movies from our shared digital library during their free-time.

Relax with games

Casual vide-game playing can help people in recovery to decrease drug use cravings.

Guests can enjoy playing video-games by themeselves or with other guests during their free-time.

Connect while you recover

Computer workstations are available for work, study, and remote meetings with friends, family, or recovery related meetings (OP, IOP, Psychiatry, etc)

Shared spaces

Our rooms are semi-private, everyone gets a closet-space, and cabinet drawers to store personal belongings.

Comfort in food

A home prepared meal is always a comfort and a great opportunity to share a moment with other guest.

We serve dinner from Mondays to Fridays, and breakfast is self-served daily.

Space to strengthen your body

Working out can help with addictin recovery, regular excersice helps to ease withdrawal, curb cravings, and replace triggers.

Our Gym is equipped with weights, treadmills, a multi-functional rack, and other gym equipment.

Yes, BBQ's every month

Who doesn’t love a BBQ?, at our Sober Living, we make a house BBQ every Month, you can call it a house tradition, is a chance for everyone to gather, eat delicious food, and share with people in the same path of recovery.

High speed internet

For work or play, you can enjoy wi-fi all around our facility, thanks to  our 5 access points distributed along the House.

Our Furry residents

A Sober living is not complete without Dogs!

Whether they get a treat or two, some belly rubs or someone just sitting next to them, they are happy to be part of our guests recovery path.

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